Christie's Mayfair Bakery

Christie's Mayfair Bakery

One year after our family moved into the Mayfair community, we started to pay close attention to the local community business' that surrounded our neighborhood. Looking back, I do not understand what took us so long but I am sure glad that chose to learn more about what our community has to offer. Since then, we have found a number of local gems that we continue to support and return to for a variety of different reasons. Today, I look forward to sharing our experience with Christie's Bakery!

This local bakery has been serving the Mayfair community for over 50 years. This family run business strives for "products of the highest quality made fresh everyday through authentic, traditional, and from-scratch methods." 

The store is full of positive vibes that are on display the minute you walk into the building. Their entrance way is chalk full of photos showing past and present moments, family members, and the joy they have take in baking amazing homemade goods. 

We have been making weekly trips to the store to pickup breads, baguettes, and a variety of tasty treats! My daughter loves going to the store to pick out their daily made cookies. And while this sugary treat usually leaves her bursting with energy, she loves getting to go into the store and pick from the items they make everyday.

The list of things we have tried is certainly growing! Some of these items include Cannoncini puff pastry, Almond Croissants, Saskatoon Berry pies and danishes, lemon tarts, all forms of sugar cookies (from unicorns to Baby Yoda to Valentines Day hearts) and my personal favorite the Cinnamon Buns which are always soft, gooey, and delicious.

We have picked up their Prairie Grain Bread which is always super fluffy and one of many items that fill the neighborhood with amazing smells. Last week we even picked up their Sesame Baguettes to make Bruschetta. 

Clearly, they have a lot of options! And to make our experience the very best, their staff is always friendly and kind. No doubt, this family run bakery is one of our favorites. Stop in for a coffee or pickup any of their freshly made baking, you wont regret it!

If you are interested in knowing more about Christies, please checkout any of the places below!


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