Claire Essentials

Claire Essentials

My family has been in constant search of environmentally-friendly and truly natural products to replace the harsh chemicals found in box store bath and body items. It has been a slow process and we have tested out many different local products and companies. This Christmas, we stumbled upon Claire Essentials and tested out a Peppered Coconut Conditioner Bar. With a small amount of ingredients, we were pleasantly surprised with how soft and smooth our hair was after just one use. And in support of the environment, it was free of packaging!

Since trying this Conditioner Bar, we have had the chance to checkout a wide variety of her products that can replace all of the items you use on a day to day basis including hair care, bath and body, and baby-safe products. All of her products are free of PARABENS, FORMALDYHYDE, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, PHTHALATES, and SULPHATES. And also never tested on animals!

As a family, we started down this natural path when we had our first child Emersyn. We were shocked at how many harsh chemicals are in regular household items including diapers and wipes. From there, we started to intentionally examine what was in all of the products we use. This was another reason we wanted to support Claire as she has a wealth of experience in Natural Health Care.

Now re-branded as The Sask Bath Company, please checkout the amazing products she makes by visiting any of the places below!

Thank you Claire!


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