Londyn in the Sky

Londyn in the Sky

Having been through a very traumatic couple of years as my husband and I coped with the loss of three pregnancies. We were overjoyed to introduce Hollis Stupnikoff into this crazy world last August. And with his first Christmas approaching quickly (or at least it felt like it), we began to brainstorm some ideas for meaningful gifts for him and the rest of our family. We came up with two ideas which we felt would be the perfect gift. First, we created a wooden play gym and had family members customize toys to match their own personalities (and they turned out amazing by the way - my daughter Emersyn designed one all by herself and grandpa got a head start in his attempts to make him a Maple Leafs fan)

The second gift, a Christmas ornament, was purchased from Londyn in the Sky. Here is the experience we had with her local business.   

The first time I discovered Londyn in the Sky was at The Hobbnobber on 33rd street. For those who have not been there, it is a must stop if your looking to support many of the amazing local business' that create a wide variety of handcrafted goods. As I was stocking my product, it has become a bit of a routine to wander around the store and checkout all of the other business'. Londyn in the Sky has a spot at the Hobbnobber and I fell IN LOVE with a white and ivory rainbow. I returned a few more times before inquiring about the possibility of having one customized for us. We had spent several months leading up to the birth of our son designing a bedroom for him. A dark earthy green with compliments of wood, white, and a dark gold color created the perfect fit in his room. When I brought this idea to her, she was more than happy to put something together for us. We eventually decided on a Christmas ornament with this exact color scheme and were so happy with this finished product. 

On her Facebook page she talks about how their "... goal is to spread a little more joy and hope into this world one Rainbow at a time! Each Rainbow we make is hand crafted and made with the intention of being unique and timeless." 

The birth of our son was such a monumental moment for our family. I can vividly recall the moment I looked over at my husband and said "we finally got our baby". For us, this small handcrafted gift represents so much. A beautiful rainbow to celebrate the amazing journey our family has gone on together. A rainbow to celebrate the birth of our Rainbow Baby! This beautiful creation certainly brought us joy this Christmas.

Thank you Chantel.

If you are interested in checking out some products, please check her out at the Hobbnobber or go to the places listed below:





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