Pine and Arrows

Pine and Arrows

February break is here for our family and that means more time to spend at home recharging the batteries. It also allowed me to make and release some new products through Rosy Girl Creations. 

This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise waiting (which I will tell you about in just a second). My husband has spent the past couple of weeks working to remodel a space in our basement for my business. It was a space that he had previously set up for all of his tools so I was kind of surprised that he overhauled it for my stuff. And the coolest part about it, is that it will be made of completely recycled/reused/repurposed material which so fits in with our environmental ideals. 

Together, we had been planning out the remaining details to finish off the space. Low and behold, the morning of Valentines Day, I find a beautiful hand crafted gift made by Jenna at Pine and Arrows. It will be the perfect décor piece to finish off the space. Here are our experiences with her local business.

This is now the second time we have had Jenna craft something amazing for our home and I'm positive it will not be the last.

The first time was back in September. We had just welcome Hollis into the world and were looking to finish off both of our children's bedrooms with a Custom Name Sign. Jenna had finished a very busy period with her business and was headed to the lake. We had left her with some initial plans for our signs and when she returned to work, she completed both of them for us. They turned out beautifully!

We were so impressed with her work that my husband asked her to do another sign as a gift for me this Valentines. After playing with a few designs and trying to keep to my logo as close as possible, they created a sign that was green, white, and gold! She even managed to find the exact font. I brought it downstairs to my workspace immediately and cannot wait to put it up. You will have to follow up on my Instagram to checkout the BEFORE and AFTER of my space. I think it still need a few weeks to be fully completed but the sign looks amazing in the space. We are so happy with all three signs we have purchased through Pine and Arrows and highly recommend her business.

To learn more about her business or checkout more of her work, go to the places listed below.

Thanks Jenna!!

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