Blankets, Teddies, Slippers, and so many more custom crochet creations is what local Saskatchewan artist Brittany Ehr has to offer through her company Stitchorama! This is our experience:

We started off our Christmas season in search of a Flossy Flash doll, something that does not exist! Our daughter Emersyn had caught a glimpse of this character from the popular children's show PJ Mask and even included it in her letter to Santa.

We approached Brittany before Christmas to see if it was possible that a doll could be made and although their was no specific pattern for this kind of doll, Brittany said she could do it for us! She dropped it off for us once the kids were in bed on Christmas Eve and were thrilled with what she was able to come up with. In addition to that, we also had her make a unicorn for another Christmas present! These two locally made teddies were inexpensive and she made every experience we had with her an amazing one. She went out of her way to provide the best service and we were so happy with what she made for us. 

You can find Stitchorama and more of Brittanys amazing works in person at the Hobbnobber on 33rd Street or online at the following places!

Instagram @stitchorama

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