The Hobbnobber

The Hobbnobber

I want to dedicate today's post to the many local artists we have in and around our awesome city, specifically with a focus on The Hobnobber. Here is my experience with this local artisan store.

Located on the corner of 33rd Street and Ave E North, this cute little store is an absolute MUST CHECKOUT for those who have not been. This store is "home to over 100 Handmade/Homemade, Up-Cycled, [and] Recycled businesses..." Those who have been into the store know how tough it is to leave without a purchase of some sort. I know we always budget a little extra time to wander around.

My husband will often make a few trips to "The Hob" to restock shelves and cannot seem to come home without having purchased the Cinnawin Cinnamon Spread. Having forgotten about it for a long period of time, he re-fell in love with the taste because of this local business. He told me it reminds him of his childhood and how his parents used to have the old Imperial Cinnamon spread. It never lasted long in his house and it doesn't last long in our house either. Unfortunately, our family chose to give up the cinnamon spread as we moved to a vegan lifestyle. BUT!!! Recently, they have come out with a vegan coconut oil version as a healthier option, so huge shout out to them and their uniquely delectable spreads!

As we have shared many times, my family has made it our goal for 2021 to support local business wherever possible. With an intentional approach to shopping, we have swapped many regular grocery items out for locally made and sourced foods. Although their is still so many more products to try and new products coming in all the time, we know for sure that The Hobnobber carries amazing perogies, cookies (Down 2 Cookie), popcorn, and pretzels (Double "A") ! Its convenient location on 33rd also keeps it very close to some other MUST STOP stores including:

- Christie's Bakery: THE BEST BAKERY PRODUCTS - see my Christie's post

- Back to Coffee Beans: Friendly service, Cozy and inviting environment, treats and coffee that are perfect for all occasions. They offer 80 varieties of whole coffee beans, loose teas and coffee syrups for retail, and can also grind the beans for you with your purchase. 

- Serendipity: We have stopped in for floral and plants that are of the highest quality but they also sell jewelry, salt lamps, natural products, and healing crystals.

This has become our regular pattern for travel on days when we need to pickup groceries. We will continue to support local, try new products from The Hobnobber, and share our experiences in the coming weeks.

Lastly, Customer Appreciation week just ended at The Hobnobber and they organized some amazing giveaway prizes and swag bags. Even if you were not able to come checkout the store during that time, I would highly recommend you come and see what amazing products they have to offer! I am so proud to be a vendor at this store. They share my ideals about the environment by being paperless and plastic free.They even have some amazing vendors who make environmentally friendly products - For example, Urban Evergreen sells beeswax wraps that are so cool, practical, and effective! Needless to say, so many amazing people, products, and an overall great experience at The Hobnobber. Thank you Karen and staff for all the amazing work you do at the store.

For those who have taken the time to read my reviews, I would like to thank you with a discount that is good for all in-stock items on my website.

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